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Burning Love  E-mail
Written by Arch   

Q. What is " Burning Love"?

A. It's when you reach for the KY Jell and pick up the BENGAY instead!

* This is an old one!

How to Improve Your Sex Life  E-mail
Written by Arch   

Q. What is the best way fior a married man to improve his sex life?

A. Cheat!


Problem of Atheists  E-mail
Written by Arch   

Q. What's the biggest problem of atheists?

A. They have no one to call out to during orgasm.

What is a Kiss?  E-mail
Written by Arch   

Q. Define Kiss?

A. It's an upper penetration for a lower invasion, that will lead to deeper penetration, with fast acceleration, that will lead to the creation, of the next next generation.


Funny Riddle - Broken Condom  E-mail
Written by Arch   

Q. What do you call a man with a broken condom?

A. Daddy


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